Twinings Lemon And Ginger

Twinings Lemon And Ginger
Twinings Lemon And Ginger

Twinings has tried to make a very gentle tea here – not too gingery, not too lemony.

In my opinion, they’ve gone too far, and made a tea which is neither lemony enough nor gingery enough. It comes out bland.

Perhaps you want tea that just adds a little touch of flavour to hot water. Then, perhaps, this drink is for you. For me, however, I like teas to have flavour. This one didn’t have anywhere near enough to win my approval.

One thought on “Twinings Lemon And Ginger”

  1. I have drunk your lemon and ginger tea pictured above for more years than I care to admit. Tried your new one and found it sickly. Will you still continue the one pictured above or will I have to try another brand. I cannot seem to buy it anywhere. This is my main hot beverage with the occasional cup of Earl Grey . The new breed of your flavoured teas are I have found too over the top in flavours almost synthetic or sweetened. I look forward to your reply. Jillian .

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